Twittering My Blog Off

Using Twitter to get more exposure for your blog!

So I decided to try of this ‘Twitter’ thing I been hearing about. “The Blog between Blogs.” Hmmmmm….. what could that possibly mean? Well, I played with it. Updating my 8 followers of where I was, what i was doing, etc. So, I thought nothing special, right? It’s like those mySpace status updates. What’s the big deal?

The big deal was right in my face. Why should I just keep people up to date with my personal life, when people can be updated on web life. So I went and got a whole bunch of followers. At the moment I have around 100 followers, and following 500. Everytime I tweet about a blog or news article, I can get roughly 10 unique visits to that page or website. Prett cool, huh? I think so.

Twitter is now a main tool for promoting everything I do on the web. I would highly suggest to anyone who wants to get their blog out there. When I come up with a few more ideas, I’ll definitely post them up.


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