Top 8 Tips For Building Website Links Fast

#1 Widget marketing. Widgets are mini internet applications promote a link to some other site. They are easily be integrated into web pages by adding a few lines of HTML, and they can spread like wild fire, adding your link to thousands of other website’s in a few months.
Widget marketing is the newest and best form of viral marketing. If you don’t know how to program, don’t worry, there are easy DIY widget create. You can instantly turn your blog into a widget at

#2 Use contests to arouse interest. Give away ebooks that you have distribution rights to as part of your prize. Perhaps two or three ebooks at a value of about $100 will arouse a lot of interest. All entrants have to do is go to your website and sign up. 3 lucky signup’s per month will receive the prize. You can promote your contest through the following sites…

#3 Submit your site to sites that deliver to interest groups.

There are heaps of these and they will successfully deliver 5-500 visitors per day if your site is good enough to be recommended. Eg:, yahoo picks, and many more.

#4 Turn your blog posts into podcasts you can instantly turn your blog into an ipod ready audio file in minutes. Then to leverage this further you can submit your podcast to the podcast directories, generating many backlinks to your site.

#5 Submit your ebook to directories. If you’re distributing a free ebook to use for viral marketing, then you should submit it to all of the most popular ebook directories. Ensure you have links to your website or blog and make sure you have a call to action to visit your site for more or a free offer.

#6 Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites. Social media campaigns are a phenomenal way to build links. In 2009, viral marketing will easily be one of the top 2-3 ways to generate many many inbound links, increase rankings, increase subscribers, and build a lot of hype for your website.

#7 Use You Tube

Add your own video promotions is best but if you are not up to that level yet then use other videos on your site that enhance your content.

If you embed a You tube video on your site, they link to You tube and if you are in the top 5 sites to drive traffic to You tube video, You Tube will link back to you. This is particularly effective in small niches where you are easily in the top 5 link backs.

#8 Submit your site for a website review will get you hundreds of links, especially if you have a good site. There are a number of website’s that will review your website forfree. Get involved in the community forum before you ask for a review or you will be shunned. Here the best forums for getting your website reviewed…

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