Tips to get more Twitter followers

The first method requires the use of Twollo allows users to follow twitter profiles based on keywords and/or phrasesthat they have used in their tweets. Twollo allows users to follow twitter profiles based on keywords and/or phrases that they have used in their tweets.

You need to login using your twitter username and password. After that, add any keyword and/or phrase you want twollo to find fellow followers for. And that’s all! You will start to see your following list increase as well as your followers list (most people will follow you back , when they are notified)

Method #2 uses First, search a few gurus or your niche on Twitter’s “Find People” page and find a person with a few thousand followers. Go and sign in using your Twitter data. Click on mass follow, enter the gurus name and then hot Go. This will mass follow all of the followers of the guru.

You can mass follow people based on recent topics.

Method 3 is just a quick easy way to gather 20-40 people at a time. a cool tool, it allow you to follow people that are currently online.

To find out who’s following you back, use this tool: This shows you, your followers, who you follow, your mutual friends. It also helps you follow/ unfollow large amounts of people.

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