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And it all starts over… again

Alright, I’m back after a somewhat-needed break. I have come to terms that none of the work I put in those 15 months will ever show in my favor. Oh, well. Maybe it’s just God’s way of saying there’s more to life and this is my chance to find it. I’m looking for a full [...]

Twittering My Blog Off

So I decided to try of this ‘Twitter’ thing I been hearing about. “The Blog between Blogs.” Hmmmmm….. what could that possibly mean? Well, I played with it. Updating my 8 followers of where I was, what i was doing, etc. So, I thought nothing special, right? It’s like those mySpace status updates. What’s the [...]

LOL Cat @

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First Post!

Welcome to The Freelance Hand, my first ever blog. Yeah, it’s chill. Like the layout? Yeah, that’s also pretty chill. It’s still in the works. I still haven’t purchased the domain name yet. LOL. but regardless, it’s online and it’s awesome. If you don’t know me, how did you find my website? LOL. Just kidding. [...]