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Twittering My Blog Off

So I decided to try of this ‘Twitter’ thing I been hearing about. “The Blog between Blogs.” Hmmmmm….. what could that possibly mean? Well, I played with it. Updating my 8 followers of where I was, what i was doing, etc. So, I thought nothing special, right? It’s like those mySpace status updates. What’s the [...] || Social Community for Bloggers

    BlogCatalog is a social blog directory. Sooooo what’s that? It’s an awesome place where you can promote your blogs here or find blogs you like. BlogCatalog will list your blog and they provide a forum where you may ask questions, make suggestions, or promote your blog shamelessly. Blog Rank – analyzes your hits, views, comments, [...]


Yes, it’s official. is now online and fully functional. Can’t wait until we’re live on Google. I’ll be keeping this posted as much as I can. FYI, I’m on the Twitter, and doing my best to keep that up-to-date. Feel free look up my tweets. Check that out over on the right-hand sidebar. My [...]

First Post!

Welcome to The Freelance Hand, my first ever blog. Yeah, it’s chill. Like the layout? Yeah, that’s also pretty chill. It’s still in the works. I still haven’t purchased the domain name yet. LOL. but regardless, it’s online and it’s awesome. If you don’t know me, how did you find my website? LOL. Just kidding. [...]