Saturday At The Karate School

Nothing beats a good day at the Karate School. Its almost a quarter to 2, and I’m sitting here typing up a post. A pretty normal Saturday. I got really warm after running with 4 and 5 years. The only group of children I can’t ever be mad at. If only all my students were under 6 years old. LOL. Nah, but the older one’s are good…….most of them, anyways.

I’m amazed time to time when I see a class of almost a dozen, and a large portion of those children are girls. It’s a good feeling knowing that these girls are learning how to defend themselves. It’s pretty funny comparing them to the boys, and how they dominate 90% of the time.

I do have a handful of warriors-in-the-making. I’ve only been working with some for a little over a year, and have make leaps and strides, as far as improvements. I worked with a lot of them today and yesterday afternoon. I have strong faith in them and their developing skills.

I’ll probably walk out of this office and be bombarded by a half-dozen little children. And every time people ask why I do this, I reply for them [my students]. It’s there effort and commitment that drives my patience and my  perseverance to guide them on their journey.

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