Ranking of Girls

Throwback Blog Entry, I Think It Still Applies:

With some many females around the world, I can break them down into 3 categories or ‘ranks.

Any Girl- Sometimes referred to as “some girl”- These girls don’t have much uniqueness to them. They’re all pretty much one in the same. They come and go throughout life. As you interact with them, a few start to rise above the crowd.

That Girl- She’s well above the other girls. The one that gives you that special feeling inside. You find yourself randomly thinking about her, for whatever reason. Her smile, her voice, her eyes. Anything about her puts a grin on your face. There’s not many of these girls walking around, which is good because you only really need just one…

My Girl- There can only be one of these. The highest rank in the ‘Order of Girls.’ The most important girl in my life. I’ll keep the rest to myself for now. Only she should know how I really feel about her. It’s up to her, if she wants others to know.

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