Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that are going through my head:
  • Saturday was an awesome workout
  • My body is killing me. My back is wrenched, and I know my abs are going to be sore tomorrow.
  • Might regret doing that third match.
  • You left me, so I don’t want any “Let’s make-up” texts. I’m on to bigger and better thing.
  • Nothing makes me smile more than my Tiny Tigers. They think I’m funny. LOL
  • I got money on my mind, and my mind on my money
  • eh, that girl will come on her time. Maybe . Who knows? But I’ll be here, so it’s all good.
  • Most nice guys finish last, but I’m not one of those nice guys. LOL. Chyeah!
  • WeKnowWrestling.com- Please Visit 
  • TheFreelanceHand.com- Please Visit too
  • I love ALF reruns.
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