Facebook’s 25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me

1. My full name is Trevor Cameron Read

2. Birthday is September 16

3. I love Apple Products, especially my iPhone, and Apple MacBook

4. With those mac products, I design and develop websites

5. I am a pro wrestling fan

6. For as long as I can remember, Green was always the best color.

7. I went to Plantation High School. (Class of 2007!)

8. I wrestled my freshman year of high school

9. I wrestle now, but its a little different

10. My 2 most favorite tv shows were canceled before they got really good. (ALF, Arrested Development.) I can watch their reruns over and over and over.


12. Jake and Amir are so Chill (and sooooo ACE!)

13. I help run a Karate School

14. I am a State and National Champion in Sport Karate.

15. I am a giver, and like to associate myself with other givers

16. I love waking up early, but find it real difficult to wake up somedays.

17. I wonder where my patience and self-control comes from at least once a week

18. My favorite qualities in a girl are all soft. Soft voice, soft hands, soft face…… soft booty. LOL

19. I’m pretty quiet and to myself until I’m called out.

20. I like the beach. I do prefer it at night.

21. One day I’ll be living on the Intercoastal.

22. This will be my last year at Broward (community) College.

23. I drive a Toyota Tacoma

24. Tattoos and crazy piercing are such a turn off, along with foul language.

25. I got real upset when Love 94 switched over to 93.9 MIA, What can i say, I love that jazz music.

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