Digg Like Websites for Quick Targeted Traffic

Digg Like Websites for Quick Targeted Traffic
by Ed Duvall

If your considering using Digg.com to submit your articles to you may want to consider that digg was setup to cater to the techno individual rather than for someone interested in promoting their own site or marketing a product online.

The majority of people who frequent this site or their  as non internet marketers and really have a general disdain for marketing online.

It also has limited categories (so to minimize the  marketing and promotion niches?) and most probably  would be a big waste of your time to pursue any kind of marketing or promotion of your site or a product from 
your site to digg.com  

Instead you should consider doing some research for  niche specific Digg like sites where you can submit  your articles, stories and tips to be reviewed and voted on by those who are interested in your content. 

The keyword here is “those who are interested in your content”.

Use of internet marketing friendly sites, that are similar to digg.com, can bring you a good amount of traffic if 
you produce a worthy article.

You may not get as much traffic from these niche digg clones media sites as you would from Digg, but it’s much better having your content read by like minded people  who are more likely to become your regular visitors, subscribers and long term readers.

In addition to the traffic you are also creating a one way link back to your site and you may well have your story picked up and published on other sites as well as in an ezine related to your topic.

Here are a few to consider….


Keep in mind that you are looking for niche specific sites, similar to your own, that you can submit your content, articles and stories to. If your promoting your alternative medicine site then it would be a waste of your time submitting content to an automotive digg like site.

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