Article #1: Humor Marketing

It has long been commented that one of the best ways to keep loyal visitors returning to a website is to provide a regular daily Joke at the top. It’s a brilliant marketing secret that master salespeople already know. 

Case in point, look at the sometimes wildly funny gimmicks TV advertisers use in their TV ads. They are crazy for a reason. If the viewer grins or even chuckles a bit, it creates an instant bond with the product. 

When people are actually laughing, that’s powerful. In particular, they might be inclined to pass the news about the product, or your website to their friends. 

The problem for web owners is one of finding appropriate material. Obviously long jokes won’t do, It need to be quick and simple to get the viewer buzzing but not off the topic of your website or newsletter. 

The other problem is the constant daily chore of posting it to the website. If the website runs on a semi automated mode, or is managed by an expensive webmaster, this can be the stopper preventing the inclusion of daily humor on the site.

In a very unique way, humor website has come up with a win, win, win solution for everybody. At the top of the site is a link to a small piece of code which will put a tidy neat daily Quote, Riddle, Answer, etc., bit of humor on your site which is updated automatically every day. 

What’s so unique about it is that the humor Dailies are completely free and are also completely free of ads, banners, or other annoying effects. Likewise, there are no sign ups, logins, or other annoying requirements required. The only concession for Wholelook is that a small logo for appears in the Daily which links to Wholelook if you click on it. 

You win because you have valuable new content for your website. Your reviewers and readers win because of the fresh daily warm and fuzzies. Wholelook wins, because it becomes greater noticed. In fact, why be stingy. Spread all five Daily Jokes around your website. Keep your viewers laughing.

As a bonus Wholelook has also provided the images it uses as samples for each of the assorted types of Dailies in such a way that you can simply cut and past any of the images at the top or bottom of your business and personal emails as attention getters and/or ‘you’re a class act’ revealer. You can use the same image as part of the bedded message in your email header or footer, or use a different Daily every send by sticking it in.

Remember the website, Whoever laughs last thinks slowest.

Cliff Livingstone is the author of the hilarious six book memoirs called, ‘The CliffR Project’ (See, plus owner of the world’s easiest to navigate all new humour website, plus developer of the all new controversies website

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