And it all starts over… again

Alright, I’m back after a somewhat-needed break. I have come to terms that none of the work I put in those 15 months will ever show in my favor. Oh, well. Maybe it’s just God’s way of saying there’s more to life and this is my chance to find it.

I’m looking for a full time gig as a web designer. I took the summer of from college, so I can create some cash flow. I did have an interview for a web developer position over at Fingers Crossed on that one. I’m actually working on a few more personal web projects. Once I get everything set up, I’ll list them here.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’ll be back to the blogging regularly from now. Oh, and if anyone wants to start blogging, feel free to contact me. I can definitely help you out. And I don’t cost that much. LOL

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